Candiano Popescu


Candiano Popescu Street


Andrei G. Ioachimescu




Ernest Doneaud / Ioan D. Trajanescu



The dwelling on Candiano Popescu were built closely to Lânăriei street, in the  spring of 1911.

The chronology of the authorization and the history of the lotissement

The company built the first ten houses in 1911 on Candiano Popescu Street, near the Carol Park and the Lânăriei street. Sfințescu mentioned that the architect Ernest Doneaud, the head of the Department of Architecture of the Town Hall, signed the plans for these dwellings (Cincinat Sfințescu, “The Municipal Company for Low-Cost “, Urbanismul, 1933, nr. 5-6/p. 182.). Most likely, the Company asked Doneaud to modify some of the plans resulted from the contest from December 1910. The architect used for these dwellings a style like the one chosen for the houses on Lânăriei Street, characterized by windows with semicircular frames and discreet ornaments under the cornice. The two groups of two housing units were of type B1, ground floor only. At the intersection between Candiano Popescu and Gen. Lecca streets, Doneaud designed six semi-detached houses, with ground floor and first floor. All ten houses were covered with tile and had skylights, were surrounded by a small garden and the entrance to the house was on the side facade. After this project, the following plans of the lotissements and dwellings designed by the Company bear the signature of the architect Ioan D. Trajanescu.