Streets: Echinocțiului and Sergent Lazăr Gafton


D. Stoica


Dan Ionescu




The proposal of the Municipal Company to build the Equinox lotissement goes back to 1934, but the Superior Commission of the Systematization Plan approved it only in 1935.

Approval chronology and lotissement history

The lotissement plans were signed by the architect Dan Ionescu and included nine semi-detached houses and three detached, totaling 21 dwellings. The conditions that the commission put in place were related to the size of the lots (at least 200 sqm) and the height of the houses with two storeys (8 m to the cornices). In addition, the Company had to “execute on the lotissement streets water, sewerage, public and private lighting works, with underground cable, sidewalks made of asphalt pavement with granite curbs, and on the road side granite paving on concrete bed with joints filled with mastic. “. The lotissement plan also mentioned the location of the types of dwellings designed by Ionescu and confirmed the existence of the special type of corner housing unit.