Street: Doctor Ion Ghiulamila


D. Stoica


Dan Ionescu




In 1935, the Municipal Company plotted the land it owned on the Panduri road and built 15 semi-detached houses, according to the plans of the architect Dan Ionescu.

Approval chronology and lotissement history

The land was located at number 24 and was part of the Blue Sector III. The Special Commission that met on May 17, 1935, approved the lotissement, provided that the Company designed the only open street (Doctor Ion Ghiulamila) with a width of 10 m, and the buildings were to be set back 2 m. Petre Antonescu, Statie Ciortan, E. Lăzărescu, Eng. M. Stroescu, Arch. R. Bolomey and Eng. Rădulescu. Were part of this commission. After this approval, in the same month of May, followed the approval of the Communal Council of the Blue Sector III, and in July, of the General Council. The urbanistic works were carried out by the Bucharest Municipal Factories, and their cost was split in equal parts between the Municipal Company and the City Hall. No data are known about the beneficiaries of these homes.